Nosferatu Writing Contest

AwardsThree (3) awards 1 @$50 and 2 @$25
$50 for one First Prize winner from either middle or high school
$25 for the Middle School Finalist
$25 for the High School Finalist

Eligibility: any middle school student or high school student


1.     Attend Nosferatu, the 100-year-old first movie about vampires, at The Glove Theatre on Tuesday, November 1st.  

2.     Write a 500-word essay on: 

  • Another scary movie that uses similar elements seen within Nosferatu
  • List the movie launch date, movie title, director, and specific scene(s) where similar methods are used
  • Identify the similar methods used in your movie, such as storytelling tools, lighting design, underscoring themes, special effects, scare tactics, and character development techniques. 
  • Describe how your film is similar and which one does it better and why.

3. Answer the following questions and add them to your email:

  • Which instrument provided the scariest musical moments?
  • Which instrument(s) performed the main Nosferatu musical theme the most?

4. Submit the essay to and two questions to by 3 pm on November 10th, Including the following details: Subject Line: Nosferatu Writing Contest, along with your name, email address, school, grade, English teacher’s name, and the teacher’s email address.

All-Winners will be announced in December at The Glove on a date to be announced and recognized on The Glove Website.

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